Natural Thyroid Solutions

by Marcelle Pick, OB-GYN NP

In addition to the most recent studies showing why plants, herbs and minerals can help strengthen our thyroid health, I’m hearing from women who are feeling better without prescription medication also shows how beneficial natural remedies can be.

Let me tell you about Bonnie, a young woman who was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism in her early 30’s. Her complaints of dry, itchy skin and weight gain had at first seemed unremarkable. Bonnie lived in a northern state, so she was accustomed to dry skin during the winter months, in addition to gaining some weight due to the inclement weather.

When Bonnie’s itching became unbearable, she knew something was wrong. She also knew that her mother had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had been taking prescription medication for years, yet still experienced some symptoms.

When she learned her thyroid health wasn’t perfect, Bonnie just wasn’t satisfied with the option of taking prescription medication. She chose instead to consider a natural approach first to see if it would help and looked for information. Her practitioner worked alongside of her and within six weeks of initiating supplements, Bonnie was starting to find relief.

If you’re wondering about your thyroid health, we can help you take a closer look. Nature can often provide the support you need in the best way possible.

How plants and minerals help support your thyroid

Your thyroid plays a part in almost every other system in your body. It is often called the master gland. All other bodily systems also affect your thyroid. As a result, symptoms of thyroid imbalance may begin when your thyroid gland is not producing enough hormones, or when there are imbalances in other body processes that interfere with your thyroid. Especially of importance is your adrenal health.

Depending on your unique requirements, specific plants and minerals may:

  • Provide an increase in energy levels (fatigue and weight gain are the chief complaints we hear related to thyroid issues).
  • Help maintain thyroid hormone regulation. Help support healthy thyroid cell metabolism.
  • Provide support without requiring you to be on prescription medication for the remainder of your life.

Even if you are taking prescription medication for hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid), obtaining additional support through plants and minerals may be an excellent option to help support your body. It may lead to a decrease in the amount of prescription medication you need. The thyroid gland relies on two key nutrients to help in the balance and they are iodine, and selenium.

My natural prescription for thyroid support

The complex link between the bodies systems is why natural support is so important for anyone concerned about their thyroid health. The trace minerals of iodine and selenium are the most well-known natural remedies, but other options may be beneficial too.

Many plants and minerals have the ability to adapt in order to provide support for your body. They are able to copy what your body is able to do naturally when it is working at its best. This is known as the “adaptogenic effect.” It allows your body to use what it needs, even if you don’t recognize exactly what is wrong.

Your thyroid support apothecary

Discover several different all-natural remedies in our all-natural apothecary. We always recommend that you keep your health care practitioner informed of any natural remedies you are taking and that you check in regularly and report any changes.

Remember to take good care of yourself overall, by eating natural and healthy foods, exercising regularly and by managing your emotional stress.

Take time for yourself each day, even if it’s only a few minutes to practice deep breathing or simple stretches.

A lifetime of feeling better

We talked again with Bonnie not long ago. She’s so relieved not to be taking prescription medicine. And she is encouraging her mother to incorporate nutritional supplements to her regimen, hoping the additional guidance can help her handle her symptoms. Bonnie also reports that in addition to experiencing relief from her dry skin, itching and weight gain, she has more energy, both at work and with her exercise routine.

We know that everyone has different symptoms and comes from various situations. That’s why it is vital for you as an individual to understand all your options. That way, you can decide what is best for you. For many women, nature’s remedies offer a good first step.

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