I absolutely LOVE your product. It has helped me manage my peri-menopausal journey in a natural and graceful way, and has significantly reduced several of my symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats and moodiness. Great stuff!

thank you!

Karen MEvergreen, CO

My health experience at Women to Women has been awesome.  I went to Women to Women for a second opinion because I wasn’t getting anywhere with my other doctors and Women to Women listened my health issues and acted on finding out what was the root of the health issues I had and then to cure the problems, not cover them up with one prescription drug after another.  I can happily say that I am almost symptom free and I feel great!

CAC, Saco, Maine

“I first started to think about the possibilities of pursuing further expertise on why I was gaining weight despite my best efforts, after listening to Christiana Northrup speak to a group of women at our gym – she offered such hope that change could happen and I found out about Women to Women’s Health Initiative in Maine – this meant a 3 hour drive from Massachusetts to figure out my issues. I, for too long, had been told by my regular practitioner “that most women my age almost always complain of the added weight to their middle, especially after a hysterectomy.”  I was so frustrated – my professional clothes did not fit well, and slowly over time I began to lose my self confidence that I could do this – so .. I drove to Maine…

On my first consultation visit with Marcelle, I burst into tears in the first 10 minutes because no one I had spoken with earlier seemed to hear what I was saying – she listened. Over a period of 6 months, Marcelle systematically ran tests to find out what was happening – we found out that my adrenals were exhausted, my cortisol was elevated, food allergies were contributing to my weight gain, and food not being metabolized correctly, insulin resistance and female hormones were out of sync from my hysterectomy – none of this would have ever been diagnosed under my primary care physician.

Thus began the journey—a plan with supplements to boost my adrenal system, elimination of foods that caused gut inflammation, a specific carb-restricted diet, prescribed meds to level my hormones and eliminate my hot flashes and the knowledge that everything would get to where it needed to be – and it has! Not only did the patience to trust that she would get me where I needed to be actually happen, but someone took the time to hear me and read between the lines – I am now in the last stages of losing the added inches caused by all of the imbalances – it has been worth the drive to get where I am – looking forward to a better and healthier me. So much to be thankful for and so appreciative of the staff at the center – and for Marcelle for giving me the confidence and determination to do this – medicine it isn’t always about prescribing a pill to make things better, it’s about listening to the soul and what it has to say.. it was the best decision of my life!“

Jillian C., age 60

Depression has haunted me the last 30 years, inhibiting my life to a greater degree each passing year. Much of the latter years I was in a state of hopelessness and inability to function in life. Marcelle has worked with me ever since. She has been very supportive and patient with an amazing knowledge of women’s health issues. She has helped me immensely in my long healing process. Marcelle always believed in me and the power of a healthy body and soul. I can now fully engage in and experience joy and happiness in my life. The struggle has been so worth it!

Janice R., age 63

Marcelle helped me by finding out I had a yeast allergy. Because of her listening to me when no one else did, I have finally lost weight and am feeling great. I’m forever grateful to her.

Mari P., age 44

My day would begin feeling exhausted with pains and aches throughout my body. Mood swings, nausea, irregular bowel discomfort and a constant battle with inflammation and obesity accumulated over the years and left me drained and depressed. My recovery is due to the guidance of Marcelle Pick and her ability to teach the patient how to understand and support our unique and individual needs and create health through nutrition, hormone balance and spiritual awakening. The book’s method has helped me lose over 100 pounds and I have more energy and joy than I can ever remember.

Paula B., age 54

Marcelle is the first and only practitioner who truly took the time to listen to and understand my individual issues. She was able to give a diagnosis and possible treatment path where others could not. Just knowing someone is committed to my health is peace of mind.

Jamie M., age 42

I have been a patient of Marcelle’s for over 20 years. The older I get the more I appreciate her cutting edge approach to women’s health, her brilliant mind and her commitment to my entire well being. Over the years as different issues have come up, Marcelle always takes a multi-faceted approach to finding the solutions. My appointments have NEVER been rushed. Marcelle knows me and what makes me “tick.”  I could not ask for a better partnership in seeking optimal health than the one I have with Marcelle.

Wendy P., age 63

I met with Marcelle Pick and she listened to me and worked out a program to get me feeling like me again. Since our first meeting, I am feeling like the old/new me again!

Marian B., age 50

I have followed everything that Marcelle has advised me to do. I’m a woman on her journey.

Barbara L., age 74