Why Am I So Tired All The Time?

What’s causing Daniela’s fatigue?

When women who are always on the go suffer from fatigue, I look for an underlying adrenal imbalance.

Adrenal imbalance is caused by constant, long-term stress — even “good” stress, such as exercise or other activities you enjoy. SS Stressed Mature W Exercise BallStress puts your adrenal glands on alert and they release cortisol in response. This constant “on” position overworks your adrenal glands — resulting in fatigue and other symptoms, including anxiety, hair loss, and weight gain.

High cortisol levels also directly affect your ability to sleep. Normally, cortisol is highest in the morning and then declines as you get nearer bedtime. For women with fatigue, this curve is often reversed. High levels of cortisol at night mean your circadian rhythm is awry.

Some women with adrenal imbalance feel exhausted during the day but may get a second wind at night, or they sleep soundly for several hours only to wake up at 3:00 AM with their minds racing.

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What could Daniela do?

Cutting stress from your life is often difficult to do — but it’s one of the most valuable fatigue reducers. And, if you can’t eliminate stress, you can try to reduce its effects by thinking about how you might approach recurring stressful events differently.

I might also suggest Daniela cut back on her exercise routine, as well as taking a look at what and when she is eating. Both of these steps support healthy adrenal function.

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What’s your experience with fatigue?

Fatigue is your body’s way of calling for support. SS Mature Woman Arms Up BeachYou have many genuine options to choose from, beginning with the least invasive natural approaches that can effectively resolve your symptoms and rebalance your body.

Fatigue — mild, moderate or severe — can be resolved completely for most women, and you can be one of them. Now, just imagine what you’ll do with all that energy!