Fatigue And Insomnia

by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP

Stress affects women in so many ways – one of the greatest reasons women come to see me is because they aren’t sleeping – most of the time it’s related to stress. Fuzzy thinking, fatigue, insomnia can have profound effects on the way women navigate through their day – and we all know that today more than ever before women have more responsibility and less down time!

Many women struggle with feelings of inadequacy – they don’t understand why they aren’t able to juggle everything in their lives effortlessly. When we really think about it, we can see that a cycle of stress/less sleep/more stress/ is playing out! No wonder we feel like we can’t keep up!

It’s a very personal journey to learn how to break this cycle. Every woman experiences stress differently, and every woman will have her own set of solutions to help cope with the stressors in her life. Women to Women always recommends looking at diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements to help restore balance to a body which is being taxed in so many different ways.

In my experience, the anti-depressants and sleeping pills aren’t really the answers for women. Getting to the root cause of your stressors will help break the cycle being established – it takes more time than taking a pill – but the end result is worth it!