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The Core Balance Diet

Core_Balance_DietThe Core Balance Diet helps you determine how to get your body back into balance and shed those unwanted pounds forever. For those who have dieted and become frustrated when the needle the scale never moves, this is the book for you!  She explains why nutrition counts – and why counting calories isn’t the answer.


Is It Me or My Adrenals?

Is_It_Me_or_My_AdrenalsEveryone has experienced stress at one time or another.  Have you ever wondered the toll that stress takes on your body?  Did you know that stress can cause you to gain weight, cause your thyroid to work in a different way and stop you from sleeping at night?  Marcelle’s groundbreaking book explains what happens to you when stress goes wild – and presents a well developed, long tested plan to help get you back on track.


Is It Me or My Hormones?
Is_It_Me_or_My_HormonesWomen have over 100 hormones in their bodies – most of the time working together in harmony.  But what happens when they don’t?  Some women experience irregular periods, gain weight, become sluggish, lose their energy, or have hot flashes or mood swings.  In her latest book, Marcelle explains why our hormones shift and become unbalanced and provides solutions to get them back in balance.