Health, Stress And Emotions – What’s The Connection?

by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP

Many years ago, I noticed that women who were dealing with unrecognized emotions didn’t achieve the level of wellness they were hoping for. It became so clear that our emotions play a significant role in how we feel physically. In some instances, modern medicine will only take a patient so far – addressing the patients emotional needs becomes a critical piece of the picture.

Many women are surprised when I talk with them about the connection between their emotional health and wellness – others have been able to correlate physical symptoms – migraines, trouble with digestion or even heart palpitations. I’ve seen many women who have unknowingly held on to emotional experiences from their past and are now seeing the influence on their health today.

A groundbreaking study was published in the 1990’s. It is known as the ACE Study – Adverse Childhood Event Study. The researchers found that adults who had traumatic childhoods were much more likely to suffer from disease such as heart disease, alcoholism, and diabetes as adults.

It’s evident to me that that stress and emotions aren’t the only pieces to good health but we’re finding that they play a larger role in health, wellness and healing than we have known before.

At Women to Women we help women to always search for the root cause of their health issues. Sometimes these root causes are not easily seen and when it comes to really looking at stress and emotions, it may take time – and some help. YOU are worth it!