More Patient Testimonials

“Now I’m on a path of true wellness of healthy mind, body, and spirit.”

“Many years into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I found Dr. Christiane Northup’s first book and then found my way to a monthly newsletter she was writing at that time. I always knew that one day I’d find my way to Women to Women for an evaluation; however, living 3 hours away, I couldn’t even imagine that day being possible. After reading the Women to Women website and the biographies of the practitioners, I used to pray about working with Marcelle Pick and I began to believe she could help me. Finally, after many years of trying to get well, I phoned and Marcelle had time for a new patient.

“In addition to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I had depression and anxiety with panic attacks, hormonal disarray in the menopausal transition, with total physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual breakdown. My husband and I searched and searched for someone to help us with the total imbalance that was stealing my life from me. I no longer wanted to remain trapped by such pain, illness, and fatigue, or by the tragedies and cruelties of my past. I no longer wanted to feel broken-hearted. I wanted to find peace. I wanted to enjoy life. More than anything else, I wanted to be able to just go out the door and take a nice long walk. I wanted to feel alive. I wanted to learn how to feel connected and to ‘get a life.’ I wanted increased independence. I wanted to find my ‘Self’ and feel safe being ‘Her.’

“The paperwork I completed out before my initial visit with Marcelle gave me so much hope. She even asked if the neighborhood-barking dog bothered me! I knew that I was about to find the help I so desperately wanted. My prayers, and those of my family, were about to be answered.

“I’ve been a patient since 2002, and the journey to Women to Women, has totally changed my life. It’s allowed me to find health for the first time. When I came I was 52, though my Biological Testing then revealed that physiologically, I was in my mid-70s! Thankfully, Marcelle graciously waited to share that news with me until late, when my chronological and biological ages were pretty much in sync. I’m 59 now and this experience has redefined ‘health’ to include well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

“With Marcelle’s guidance, I became willing to totally examine and modify every aspect of my life – relationships, diet, medications, environment, physical movement, psychological counseling, neuromuscular osteopathy, spiritual healing, meditation, faith and centeredness practices, and my connectedness to the Universe. I learned to say ‘no’ to the world and start saying, ‘yes’ to Martha. I learned to stay open to all of these life components so that I could change and modify my pathway to health. Marcelle and I learned new things about my health from functional medicine testing and my ongoing progress reports. I found my ‘Self’ and have become a woman of hope, health, and harmony.

“I feel treasured from the moment I walk in your front door. The amazing staff and practitioners at Women to Women give me their undivided attention, always. I feel invited to embark on my own journey of healing with Women to Women by my side. I walked in hoping to feel better physically. Women to Women had far greater dreams for me and quickly put me on a path to true wellness: health of mind, body, and spirit. I feel heard and honored. With hard work and good advice, I am fully alive!”

We invite you to become our patient

Over the past 25 years our practitioners have helped thousands of women restore their health and well-being.

We often detect underlying imbalances that conventional practitioners miss. Over the years we have developed a specialization resolving the symptoms of:

  • Adrenal Imbalance
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Menopause and Perimenopause
  • PMS
  • Digestive Problems

To book an appointment at either the clinic or via the phone, please call us toll free at 1-800-540-5906 now.