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Maria Glad, MS, RN, FNP-BC


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Maria is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion to help people create their own good health. With a fervent interest in emerging scientific research in nutrition, weight, metabolism, digestion, hormones, neurotransmitters, immunity and genetics, Maria has dedicated herself to apply this knowledge in teaching strategies to her patients. Her approach, which includes using principles of traditional and functional medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy, is to help people mentally and emotionally digest overwhelming health information so that it is uniquely relevant and applicable to them. Education remains paramount in guiding and motivating people to make choices that will lead to better health, while adjusting lifestyle effectively and sustainably.

Inspired by her own health, illness, and weight loss journey, Maria’s enthusiasm for nutrition diet and health counseling, began with her own 65 pound weight loss which she has since maintained for 30 years. Having been an obese, hormonally imbalanced adolescent and young adult, the notion of defying her family’s proclivity for a sedentary lifestyle and cardiovascular disease was very inspiring; the ensuing revelation in understanding how health, weight, activity and happiness impact each other became a mantra and eventually a way of life. Maria’s daily mindset to boost health has been a motivator to always practice and learn new strategies and to listen carefully and clinically assess the needs of her patients to find the strategies and interventions applying that will work for them.
Maria Glad, FNP

Since 2012, Maria has, in her private practice, taught her own methods along with teaching and administering new health strategies and protocols developed from evolving research. Tapping into the individual uniqueness of each client, meeting them where they are, and moving them forward to greater health, all at their own pace, is her process. Her clients, while predominantly women, have included men, and teens. She has provided group education and weight loss coaching in various corporate, health and fitness, and community settings, and, in addition, has employed her strategies as Nurse Practitioner at two of Portland’s largest medical weight loss centers.

A graduate of Columbia University School of Nursing, Maria has a Master of Science Degree in Nursing as Family Nurse Practitioner, and is Board Certified by the The American Nurses Credentialing Center. Additionally, she has a Diploma from Ashworth College for completion of a Program of Study in Nutrition, Diet and Health. Currently, she maintains active membership in The Obesity Medicine Association, The American Nurses Association, The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and The American College of Sports Medicine. Her early professional experience includes 16 years at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York as Clinical Nurse Specialist in Oncology Nursing and Bone Marrow Transplant, for both children and adults, followed by Nurse Practitioner on the Pediatric Surgery Service. Developing educational programs for patients and professionals was an area of great interest and focus in each specialty.