About Dr. Dixie Mills

dixie mill, md photoDr. Dixie Mills’ passion has always been to partner with women on their health journeys. While primarily focused on breast issues for women (and a few men) she learned much from her time with Women to Women and encourages women to think of their health in a holistic and functional way.

She is most excited to be back working in a forum where she can reach many more women than in her private practice. And also a venue where women can learn from each other. The Women to Women site has cutting edge information and tried and true tips from years of listening and working with women of all ages and backgrounds. We are looking forward to bringing more good health to more women with our blogs, webinars, videos, supplements and whatever new or old ways to change health care become available!

Dr. Mills completed her surgical training at the New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston and worked at the Dr. Susan Love Breast Clinic (the first in the Boston area), before getting out of the city for a calmer life in Maine and also to raise her son.

Dr. Mills completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California at Davis and attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. She is Board Certified and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Mills has been active in the Association of Women Surgeons and President in 2000. While in Boston, she also worked with Herb Benson’s Mind Body Clinic.

Dr. Mills is sought out by patients from all over the country for her expertise. Patients appreciate not only her surgical skills, but the time she takes to truly educate her patients about options and treatment plans.  “Each patient should have a say in her treatment plan. A ‘one-size, fits all approach’ isn’t what patients want,” states Dr. Mills. “By listening to patients and providing good, solid information, each patient will feel good about their choice – and the most positive outcome can be expected.”