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Adrenal Health Assessment

Your adrenal glands give you your get up and go – truthfully! These small walnut sized glands ignite the flight or flight response when you are under stress either real or perceived. This flight or flight response creates a tremendous amount of energy in just seconds to help keep you – or someone you are protecting alive.

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Hormone Health Assessment

Hormonal imbalance is very common and often complicated, simply because we have so many hormones in our bodies. Because hormones are extremely agile and adaptive, they don’t just stop working, they often find other ways of working and your body will try to compensate for these shifts – and you may start to experience symptoms which you’ve never had before – ones which you don’t understand and ones which you definitely would rather not have!  The great news is that we can help you shift your hormones back into balance

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Digestive Health Assessment

A well running digestive system is crucial to good health – your digestive system is your body’s powerhouse to break down food into usable nutrients and to control toxicity by getting rid of the unused portions. Sometimes a digestive imbalance is at the root of seemingly unrelated symptoms, so it can be hard to spot. I always encourage women to evaluate their digestive health if they are having any chronic health problems. Your first line of defense is a healthy GI tract!

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